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Web design is our meat & potatoes and the digital expression of your brand. We bend the internet to make gorgeous sites (just like this one).
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business design

Have a wild idea and need a logo, biz card, letterhead, event poster, stamp, custom font, flyer, envelope, or paper airplane designed? My brother can help with your strategic plan; he went to college.
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package design

Finally putting that hot sauce recipe to use? We package consumer goods for a premium shelf (or virtual shelf) experience.
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Welcome to a Fieker Brother's Exposition

The Fieker Brothers, are partners in the pursuit of the visual solutions by creating functional, intriguing, and admirable things.

Concentrating our work somewhere in between business and experiential design, we have had the advantage of working alongside some world influencers. These include but are not limited to, Red Bull, Country Music Association (CMA), Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival and Alan Jackson.

Ben Fieker's professional work focuses on solving visual problems through design. His services expand from graphic design in business development, including web interface and brand creation, to brand activations and art installation. Ben Fieker
, is from the midwest, resided in Nashville, Tennessee and now serves St. Louis, Missouri area. Ben has clients nationwide, and specializes in web design, brand strategy, and experiential design. Fieker gained his credentials, by going through design school at Mizzou in the center of the beloved state of Missouri.

In his pursuit of professional creation, he journey began at Mizzou, then onto a Quantcast measured network at Division-D Ad Agency. Ben's quest for higher creative freedom sent him to Nashville, where he is the Lead of the Web department , and senior designer to brand strategies and business design at ST8MNT Brand Agency. He was a notable designer on Taylor Swift's Reputation album, (CMA) Country Music Association's website, The Egg & I Restaurants rebrand, Union Station Hotel and Bobby Hotel developmental business design.

Concentrating his work somewhere in between business and experiential design, Ben has had the advantage of working along side some world influencers. These include but are not limited to, Red Bull, Country Music Association (CMA), Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, and Alan Jackson.

While pursuing a higher level of creative production, he began to service needing companies.

Some of Fieker Brothers services include:
  • Graphic Design Services
    brand strategy
  • brand development
  • logo design
    corporate identity
    print communications
    marketing materials
    experiential design
    art installations
    restaurant design
    menu design
Web Design Services
web design
web development
(SEO) search engine optimization
pay per click advertisements
social media design
social media strategy
restaurant web design
festival web design
food & beverage design