Team ST8MNT Hang glider flight for Red Bull Flugtag Nashville 2017

Red Bull Flugtag Nashville

Red Bull

In 2017, Red Bull Flugtag took their event to Nashville, TN for the second time. We hand crafted a pizza flight machine that soared from a launch pad towering over the Cumberland River.

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    Beverage & Entertainment
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    Production Artist & Graphic Designer
Team ST8MNT Red Bull Flugtag Nashville 2017 Kickstarter graphic

The Challenge: How do you build a hang glider?

In a competition that features flying mustaches and banjos, we found ourselves getting down to the bare bones of what really makes a personal flyer soar. We settled on creating a Rogallo wing. This craft was made from hollow aluminum, tension wire, and a custom pizza fabric.

Hang Glider process build out for Red Bull Flugtag Nashville
  • Creative Director
    Joshua Sage Newman
  • Art Director
    Austin Hale
  • Production Artist
    Ben Fieker
  • Production Hand
    Nafis Narsinghani
  • Illustrator
    Austin Hale
  • Graphic Designer
    Ben Fieker
    Jackie Valori
    Parker J Foote
  • Producers
    Alex Pavkov
  • Agency
    ST8MNT Brand Agency
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Team ST8MNT dance skit at Red Bull Flugtag Nashville